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01 Howard Shore & Edward Ross – The Road Goes Ever One… (Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring)
02 John Swihart – You’re All Alone (How I Met Your Mother)
03 Junkie XL – Twelve Bullets (Deadpool)
04 Edmund Butt – Winter In Yellowstone (Yellowstone)

Composer of the Week: Daniel Pemberton
06 Daniel Pemberton – Miles Morales Returns (Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse)

07 Julien Marchall – Insight XVIII (Ray Donovan)
08 Hans Zimmer – Mind If I Cut In (The Dark Knight Rises)
09 James Newton Howard – The Healing (The Lady In The Water)

Score of the Week: Ramin Djawadi – Elephant
10 Ramin Djawadi – Bones (Elephant)
11 Ramin Djawadi – Victoria Falls (Elephant)
12 Ramin Djawadi – An Unforgettable Journey (Elephant)

13 Jeff Kryka – WDW Opening Day & Roy’s Passing (The Imagineering Story)
14 Max Richter – The End Of All Our Exploring (The Leftovers)
15 Rupert Gregson-Williams – Arthur (Aquaman)

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