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01 Brad Kane, Lea Salonga & Alan Menken – A Whole New World (Aladdin)
02 Patrick Johnson – The Lost Forest (The Lost Forest)
03 Ramin Djawadi – Family Reunion (Elephant)
04 Ryan Taubert – The Great Wonder (Score: A Film Music Documentary)

Composer of the Week: Christophe Beck
05 Christophe Beck – Theme From Ant-Man (Ant-Man)

06 Lorne Balfe – Sitting On God’s Front Porch (The Last Man On The Moon)
07 Bear McCreary – Brianna & Roger’s Theme (Outlander)
08 Steven Price – Leaf Cutters (Our Planet)

Score of the Week: Blake Neely – Greyhound
09 Blake Neely – I’ll Always Be Looking For You (Greyhound)
10 Blake Neely – Bring Hell Down From On High (Greyhound)
11 Blake Neely – But At What Cost (Greyhound)

12 Ramin Djawadi – A Song Of Ice And Fire (Game Of Thrones: Season 8)
13 Alan Silvestri – A Promise (The Avengers)
14 Thomas Newman – Fellowship (Tolkien)

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