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01 Rogers The Musical – Save The City (Hawkeye)
02 Carlos Rafael Rivera – Welcome To LaBelle (Godless)
03 Steven Price – You Have To Let Me Go (Last Night In Soho)
04 Atli Örvarsson – Secrets And Lies (Defending Jacob)

Composer of the Week

Alexandre Desplat
05 Alexandre Desplat – The Private Dining Room Of The Police Commissioner (The French Dispatch)

06 Kris Bowers – Match (King Richard)
07 Lorne Balfe – Blood Ties (Black Widow)
08 Nainita Desai – Nothing Is Impossible (14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible)

Score of the Week

Bryce & Aaron Dessner – C’mon C’mon
09 Bryce & Aaron Dessner – Here They All Come (C’mon C’mon)
10 Bryce & Aaron Dessner – I’m Not Fine And That Is A Totally Reasonable Response (C’mon C’mon)
11 Bryce & Aaron Dessner – Be Funny When You Can (C’mon C’mon)

12 Joseph Trapanese – Power And Purpose (The Witcher Season 2)
13 Daniel Pemberton – Wild Boars Return (The Rescue)
14 Rob Simonsen – Coda (The Way Back)
15 Trevor Rabin – Ben (National Treasure)

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