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01 Old 97’s – I Don’t Know What Christmas Is (But Christmastime Is Here) (Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special)
02 Eric Vloeimans – HOP! (Lange Versie) (Wild Port Of Europe)
03 The Newton Brothers – Scents Of Balance (The Devil’s Hour S1)
04 Ramin Djawadi – Respectfully Declining (Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan)

Composer of the Week

Pinar Toprak
05 Pinar Toprak – The Parting Glass (Slumberland)

06 Martin Phipps – Ipatiev House (The Crown S5)
07 Raphaelle Thibaut – Majestic Dances (Secrets Of The Whales)
08 Hans Zimmer – Love Is Not Enough (The Son)

Score of the Week

Lorne Balfe – His Dark Materials S3
09 Lorne Balfe – The Land Of The Dead (His Dark Materials S3)
10 Lorne Balfe – Lord Roke (His Dark Materials S3)
11 Lorne Balfe – Love Across Worlds (His Dark Materials S3)

12 Johannes Ringen – State Of Emergency (Troll)
13 Nicholas Britell – Shut It Down (Andor)
14 Alex Somers – Listen To Me (Causeway)
15 Dominic Lewis – Violent Night (Violent Night)

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