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01 Jessica Mazin – Never Let Me Down Again (The Last Of Us)
02 Chris Bacon – Home (65)
03 Terence Blanchard – Jackie Gets Out (The Comedian)
04 Volker Bertelmann – Remains (All Quiet On The Western Front)

Composer of the Week

05 Vangelis – Titles (Chariots Of Fire)

06 Joseph Trapanese – We Can Do This (Shadow And Bone S2)
07 Thomas Newman – Iris (Operation Mincemeat)
08 M83 – I’m Sending You Away (Oblivion)

Score of the Week

Mark Mothersbaugh – The Magician’s Elephant
09 Mark Mothersbaugh – Peter Defeats DeSmedt (The Magician’s Elephant)
10 Mark Mothersbaugh – Brother And Sister Meet (The Magician’s Elephant)
11 Mark Mothersbaugh – Town Restored (The Magician’s Elephant)

12 David Wingo – Proposal (Loving)
13 Junkie XL – Dark Fate (Terminator: Dark Fate)
14 Giosuè Greco – Behind The Goal (Welcome To Wrexham)

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