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01 Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, Jodi Benson – Part Of Their World (The Little Mermaid)
02 Michael Giacchino – Imagination Land (Inside Out)
03 Alex Belcher – The Tuscan House (Made In Italy)
04 John Ottman – Welcome Back / End Titles (X-Men: Days Of Future Past)

Composer of the Week: Justin Hurwitz
05 Justin Hurwitz – Docking Waltz (First Man)

06 James Newton Howard – Central Park (King Kong)
07 Thomas Newman – Whisper Of A Thrill (Meet Joe Black)
08 Steven Price – 150 Years Ago (Our Planet)

Score of the Week: Michael Giacchino & Nami Melumad – An American Pickle
09 Michael Giacchino & Nami Melumad – Workin’ For Love In All The Wrong Places (An American Pickle)
10 Michael Giacchino & Nami Melumad – Who Gives A Boop Bop (An American Pickle)
11 Michael Giacchino & Nami Melumad – Yes You Canada (An American Pickle)

12 Ryan Taubert – Honor (Score: A Film Music Documentary)
13 Michael Kamen – Suite One (Band Of Brothers)
14 Hans Zimmer – Idyll’s End (The Last Samurai)

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