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01 Moby – Flowers (Gone In 60 Seconds)
02 Hans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli & Blake Neely – Honor (The Pacific)
03 Henry Jackman – Lost (Kong: Skull Island)
04 Brian Tyler – To Hell And Back (Battle: Los Angeles)

Composer of the Week: Mychael Danna
05 Mychael & Jeff Danna – Homestead (The Good Dinosaur)

06 John Williams – Raiders March (Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull)
07 Anne Dudley – Rachel’s Theme (Zwartboek)
08 Benjamin Wallfisch & Chris Egan – Nightfall (Tiny World)

Score of the Week: Kris Bowers – The United States vs Billie Holiday
09 Kris Bowers – Great Night (The United States vs Billie Holiday)
10 Kris Bowers – Lynching (The United States vs Billie Holiday)
11 Kris Bowers – All Of Me (The United States vs Billie Holiday)

12 Fil Eisler – Thunder Force Suite (Thunder Force)
13 Michael Giacchino – A Run For The Ages (Coco)
14 Junkie XL – London Suite In C Major (Mortal Engines)

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