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01 The Five Satins – In The Still Of The Night (The Irishman)
02 Dan Romer – The First Son Of Krypton (Superman & Lois)
03 Brian Tyler – The Maelstrom (LEGO Universe)
04 Carter Burwell – Public Eye (The Morning Show)

Composer of the Week

Hans Zimmer
05 Hans Zimmer – Leaving Wallbrook / On The Road (Rain Man)

06 Blake Neely – Hello, You (You)
07 Carlos Rafael Rivera – We’re Not In Kansas Anymore (Just Beyond)
08 John Ottman – Main Titles (Fantastic 4)

Score of the Week

Harry Gregson-Williams – The Last Duel
09 Harry Gregson-Williams – Duel Preperations (The Last Duel)
10 Harry Gregson-Williams – Managing The Estate (The Last Duel)
11 Harry Gregson-Williams – The Duel (The Last Duel)

12 Ramin Djawadi – Eternals Theme (The Eternals)
13 Dan Romer – Beyond The Solar System (Luca)
14 Matthijs Kieboom – Who Is Your God? (Alles Van Waarde)

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