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01 Cristin Milotti – La Vie En Rose (How I Met Your Mother)
02 Bear McCreary – Gaal Leaves Synnax (Foundation)
03 Marc Streitenfeld – Honoring The Dead (Honoring The Dead)
04 Peter Gregson – Now I’m Dead (Blackbird)

Composer of the Week

Steven Price
05 Steven Price – Shenzou (Gravity)

06 Daniel Pemberton – Father (The Rescue)
07 Dan Romer & Mike Tuccillo – No Fate, No Destiny (Love Life)
08 Jason Hill – Main Theme (Mindhunter)

Score of the Week

Lorne Balfe – The Wheel Of Time
09 Lorne Balfe – The Wheel Of Time (The Wheel Of Time)
10 Lorne Balfe – Lanterns (The Wheel Of Time)
11 Lorne Balfe – Traversing Planes (The Wheel Of Time)

12 Kris Bowers – Venus vs Vicario (King Richard)
13 Jasha Klebe – Giant Pacific Octopus I (Animal)
14 Dario Marianelli – It’s Christmas (A Boy Called Christmas)
15 John Williams – Welcome To Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park)

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