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01 Peabo Bryson & Celine Dion – Beauty And The Beast (Beauty And The Beast)
02 Christian Lundberg – Let The Adventure Begin (Around The World In 80 Days)
03 Arthur Sharpe – Electricity (The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain)
04 Joseph Trapanese – Saying Goodbye (To What Remains)

Composer of the Week

Germaine Franco
05 Germaine Franco – Abre Los Ojos (Encanto)

06 West Dylan Thordson – Kevin & Casey (Glass)
07 John Debney & Jeremy Redmon – It Is Tails (American Underdog)
08 Jeff Russo – Main Title (Star Trek: Discovery)

Score of the Week

Michael Giacchino – Spider-Man: No Way Home
09 Michael Giacchino – Otto Trouble (Spider-Man: No Way Home)
10 Michael Giacchino – Goblin His Inner Demons (Spider-Man: No Way Home)
11 Michael Giacchino – Forget Me Knots (Spider-Man: No Way Home)

Wie Is De Mol?

12 Dominic Lewis – Sophie’s Choice (My Spy) – te horen bij einde opdracht 1, losers staan apart
13 Thomas Newman – Gnarly Chop (Finding Dory) – te horen tijdens zwanenmeer opdracht
14 James Newton Howard – Spread The Word (Fantastic Beats: The Crimes Of Grindelwald) – te horen tijdens til opdracht

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