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01 Daniel Pemberton & Anthony Ramos – Good Tonight (The Bad Guys)
02 Lorne Balfe – The Rescuers (Ambulance)
03 Harald Kloser & Thomas Wander – You Came For Me (10.000 BC)
04 John Murphy & Jessica Rotter – King Shark and the Clyrax (The Suicide Squad)

Composer of the Week

Howard Shore
05 Howard Shore – Many Meetings (The Lord of The Rings, The Fellowship Of The Ring)

06 Frank Ilfman – The Sam And Emily Story (Gunpowder Milkshake)
07 Nainita Desai & Thom Robson – Pressure Is Building (The Wall – Climb For Gold)
08 Max Aruj – The Ice Road (The Ice Road)

Score of the Week

Christopher Nicholas Bangs – WeCrashed
09 Christopher Nicholas Bangs – Selling An Experience (WeCrashed)
10 Christopher Nicholas Bangs – WeWork Opens (WeCrashed)
11 Christopher Nicholas Bangs – Who Blinks First (WeCrashed)

12 Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe – Roy Walk Off (Ted Lasso Season 1)
13 Rob Simonsen – Hawking, Zip It (The Adam Project)
14 Gabriel Yared – Generique de fin (Si tu voyais son couer)
15 Hans Zimmer – Heart Of A Volunteer (Pearl Harbor)

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