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01 Joey Batey & Joseph Trapanese – Song Of The Seven (The Witcher: Blood Origin)
02 Lorne Balfe – To Be Close To You (His Dark Materials S3)
03 Serj Tankian – Stock Market Crash (MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street)
04 Howard Shore – The Academy (The Pale Blue Eye)

Composer of the Week

Thomas Newman
05 Thomas Newman – American Beauty (American Beauty)

06 Siddhartha Khosla – The End Of An Era (Welcome To Chippendale)
07 Bear McCreary – The Story Of The First Witcher (The Witcher: Blood Origin)
08 Dominic Lewis – Satin Finish (Kaleidoscope)

Score of the Week

Simon Franglen – Avatar: The Way Of Water
09 Simon Franglen – The Way Of Water (Avatar: The Way Of Water)
10 Simon Franglen – Payakan (Avatar: The Way Of Water)
11 Simon Franglen – From Darkness To Light (Avatar: The Way Of Water)

12 Johannes Ringen – In Sunlight They Froze (Troll)
13 Jamie Salisbury – Time To Move The Girl (Treason)
14 Anne Nikitin – The Opera Of Paris (Dangerous Liaisons S1)

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