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01 David Hodges – Til You’re Home (A Man Called Otto)
02 Rupert Gregson-Williams – Ghost Story (Hunters S2)
03 Volker Bertelmann – Reunion (War Sailor)
04 Clinton Shorter – Sacrifice (Expanse S2)

Composer of the Week

James Newton Howard
05 James Newton Howard – 25 Dollars Worth (Michael Clayton)

06 Xander Rodzinski – He Chose You (Willow)
07 Cristobal Tapia De Veer – What’s Gonna Happen To Us? (The White Lotus S2)
08 Caroline Shaw – Awoke One Morning (Fleishman Is In Trouble)

Score of the Week

Colin Stetson – The Menu
09 Colin Stetson – All Aboard (The Menu)
10 Colin Stetson – Nature Is Timeless (The Menu)
11 Colin Stetson – The First Cheeseburger You Ever Ate (The Menu)

12 Emily Bear – Rush To The Shelter (Dog Gone)
13 Anthony Willis – Dragons Homecoming Suite (How To Train Your Dragon: Homecoming)
14 Hildur Guðnadóttir – Leaving (Women Talking)
15 Howard Shore – Tightening The Noose (The Pale Blue Eye)

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