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01 Sofia Carson – Applause (Tell It Like A Women) Academy Award nominatie
02 Justin Hurwitz – Welcome (Babylon) Academy Award nominatie
03 H. Scott Salinas & Logan Stahley – Welcome To The Valley (Kangaroo Valley)
04 Carter Burwell – My Life Is On Inisherin (The Banshee Of Inisherin) Academy Award nominatie

Composer of the Week

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
05 Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – Just Us (Soul)

06 Emile Mosseri – One Of The Good Ones (When You Finish Saving The World)
07 John Williams – Reverie (The Fabelmans) Academy Award nominatie
08 Colin Steston – Amuse Bouche, Reprise (The Menu)

Score of the Week

Mathieu Lamboley – La Guerre des Lulus
09 Mathieu Lamboley – L’internet (La Guerre des Lulus)
10 Mathieu Lamboley – Luce et Lucien (La Guerre des Lulus)
11 Mathieu Lamboley – On va òu? (La Guerre des Lulus)
12 Mathieu Lamboley – Les Lulus (La Guerre des Lulus)

13 Son Lux – Very Busy (Everything Everywhere All At Once) Academy Award nominatie
14 Jeff Russo – Torchbearer (Star Trek: Discovery)
15 Volker Bertelmann – Last Combat (All Quiet On The Western Front) Academy Award nominatie
16 James Newton Howard – The Hand Of Fate Pt II (Signs)

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