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01 Ruby Amanfu – God Only Knows (Tiny Beautiful Things)
02 Chris Benstead – Operation Fortune (Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre)
03 Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil – End Titles, Sy’s Theme (One Hour Photo)
04 Lorne Balfe – Dungeons And Dragons (Dungeons And Dragons: Honour Among Thieves)

Composer of the Week

Ryuichi Sakamoto
05 Ryuichi Sakamoto – The Last Emperor (The Last Emperor)

06 Joseph Shirley & Ludwig Göransson – You Are One Of Us (The Mandalorian S3)
07 Paul Leonard-Morgan – Boston (Boston Strangler)
08 Jocelyn Pook – The Wife (The Wife)

Score of the Week

Brian Tyler – The Super Mario Bros Movie
09 Brian Tyler – Super Mario Bros. Opus (The Super Mario Bros Movie)
10 Brian Tyler – Welcome To The Mushroom Kingdom (The Super Mario Bros Movie)
11 Brian Tyler – Superstar (The Super Mario Bros Movie)

12 Ingrid Michaelson, Gabriel Mann & Ariza – Love Love Love (Tiny Beautiful Things)
13 Joseph Trapanese – Stronger Than An Emerald (Shadow And Bone S2)
14 George Fenton – Bats At Night (Wild Isles: Freshwater)
15 Jeff Beal – A Quiet Man (A Quiet Man)

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