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01 Charlie XCX – Speed Drive (Barbie)
02 Joseph Trapanese & Percival Schuttenbach – A Time Of Contempt (The Witcher S3)
03 Lorne Balfe – Dead Reckoning Opening Titles (Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1)
04 Robert Duncan & Sean Pack – Upload (The Night Agent S1)

Composer of the Week

Ruud Bos
05 Ruud Bos – Efteling Medley (Fata Morgana, Droomvlucht, Villa Volta)

06 Hans Zimmer – Top Gun: Maverick (Hans Zimmer Live)
07 Paul Haslinger – TruMotion (The YouTube Effect)
08 Nathan Matthew David – The Ecstasy Of Gold (Chang Can Dunk)

Score of the Week

John Williams – Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny
09 John Williams – Prologue (Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny)
10 John Williams – To Athens (Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny)
11 John Williams – New York, 1969 (Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny)

12 Alexandre Desplat – WXYZ-TV Channel 8 (Astronaut City)
13 Ian Livingstone & Julie Seechuk – The End (97 Minutes)

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