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01 Lorne Balfe – Natasha’s Lullaby (Black Widow)
02 John Murphy – So This Is The Famous Suicide Squad (Suicide Squad)
03 George Fenton – The Planets Align (The Secret: Dare To Dream)
04 Brian Tyler – F9 (F9)

Composer of the Week: Mark Isham
05 Mark Isham – Building A Family (Life As A House)

06 Jon Opstad & Paul Haslinger – Sugar Fright (The Rainbow Six Siege Series)
07 Natalie Holt – Loki Green Theme (Loki)
08 Mathieu Lamboley – Le Secret (Lupin)

Score of the Week: Lorne Balfe – Black Widow
09 Lorne Balfe – Dreykov (Black Widow)
10 Lorne Balfe – Yelena Belova (Black Widow)
11 Lorne Balfe – Natasha Soars (Black Widow)

12 Jeff Grace – Sweet Tooth (Sweet Tooth)
13 Junkie XL – Scott And Grace Part 1 (Army Of The Dead)
14 Antonio Pinto – Nine Pianos (Nine Days)
15 James Horner – My Family Is My Life (The Legend Of Zorro)

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