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01 Common & John Legend – Glory (Selma)
02 Christian Wilckens – Michael’s Theme (Schumacher)
03 Laura Karpman – For Chadwick (What If?)
04 Eric Serra – The Goldeneye Overture (Goldeneye)

Composer of the Week

James Newton Howard
05 James Newton Howard – Cereal Boxes (The Lady In The Water)

06 Theodore Shapiro – Eyes In The Mirror (The Eyes Of Tammy Faye)
07 Bear McCreary – Ava (Ava)
08 Harry Escott – Chess Game Shuffle (Roadkill)

Score of the Week

Hans Zimmer – Dune
09 Hans Zimmer – Dream Of Arrakis (Dune)
10 Hans Zimmer – Armada (Dune)
11 Hans Zimmer – My Road Leads Into The Desert (Dune)

12 Steven Price – It Ends With You (Sweet Girl)
13 Joe Trapanese – Face The Truth (Shadow And Bone)
14 Tom Hodge – This Is How, Even Here, I Can Be Free (The Mauritanian)

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