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01 Queen – We Will Rock You (Movie Mix) (Bohemian Rhapsody)
02 The Cinematic Orchestra – Life Of The Bird (The Crimson Wing)
03 Dario Marinelli – Evey Reborn (V For Vendetta)
04 Henry Jackman – King Kong (Kong: Skull Island)

Composer of the Week: Giorgio Moroder
05 Giorgio Moroder – Tony’s Theme (Scarface)

06 David Julyan – Ellie’s Theme (Insomnia)
07 James Newton Howard – Legacy (The Bourne Legacy)
08 Danny Elfman – Waltz To The Death (Batman)

Score of the Week: Joe Trapanese – Finding Ohana
09 Joe Trapanese – Geocaching (Finding Ohana)
10 Joe Trapanese – The Treasure (Finding Ohana)
11 Joe Trapanese – Kua (Finding Ohana)

12 Jon Esktrand – A Long Way Back (Life)
13 Lorne Balfe – Terminated (Terminator: Genysis)

Wie Is De Mol Seizoen 21 – Terugblik op aflevering 5
14 Howard Shore – The Ring Goes South (Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring)
15 Abel Korzeniowski – There Is A Place (Penny Dreadful)
16 Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL – May I Help You, Mr Wayne (Batman v Superman)

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